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urban luxury living • vacation homes • legacy ranches

About Luxury Property Group

Discover stunning ranches, beachfront rentals, and luxury urban homes for sale. Our group focuses on the top 5,000 zip codes in the United States for luxury homes for sale and luxury vacation homes.

Take months off of your search by connecting with the right professionals right away. We carefully qualify each professional we promote in our group. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in America over $1,000,000, we are confident we have the right professionals to help you.

Receive the best experience from verified local professionals who know luxury homeowner needs and know your market. We interview every member applicant for their history and expertise in their chosen market.

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Are you a luxury real estate agent?

We offer exclusive membership to luxury agents in over 5,000 zip codes with an average home price of $500,000 or more. Learn more about member benefits and our application process. Preference is given to Compass, Sotheby’s, and Berkshire agents.